The Virtuoso & Belcanto 2023 will have advanced courses for:

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Chamber Music

Our educational program is quite unique: it is created to give students the opportunity to work with all the Maestros who will alternate during the two weeks of activities. The young musicians will study with all the professors of the program they are admitted to (instrument and/or chamber music classes).

The following activities are planned over the course of the two weeks:

  • 6 individual lessons (for students admitted to the instrument classes) or 8 ensemble lessons (for students of the chamber music program);
  • ConferenceNew Perspectives from Musicology to Musicians”;
  • Lectures, Concerts and Special events.

Piano students will receive at least one fortepiano class.

It’s possible to apply for both instrumental and chamber music classes. Students admitted to both programs will have 6 instrumental classes + 8 chamber music classes.

The chamber music course is open exclusively to pre-formed ensembles.

It is possible to indicate one or more “main professors”: the Festival’s secretary will evaluate preferences expressed by all students to create a personalized class schedule, balancing many factors (professors’ availability, time spent in Lucca, other students’ requests).

Registration as an auditor is also allowed. Auditors will be able to attend all scheduled lessons and all scheduled public events. Likewise, those enrolled in an instrumental or chamber music program will be able to attend all the other lessons as auditors.

Virtuoso&Belcanto 2023 edition will be held in Lucca, July 17th – 30th: the Festival’s opening and first classes are scheduled for Monday, July 17th; last day of classes will be on Sunday, July 30th. Students, at their discretion, can decide to participate in the Festival for a shorter period than scheduled: registration fee and educational program would remain unchanged, but with a more intense class schedule.

Deadline for applications: May 31st, 2023.