Virtuoso&Belcanto, now in its ninth edition, is the first international Festival that through its teaching methods indicates a precise choice of values in the music field. In a letter that M° Alfred Brendel sent to the students of the 2020 edition, which the Artistic Director Riccardo Cecchetti later rendered the Festival’s Manifesto, Brendel reminded that «the performance of music is not solved by applying a few recipes».

Virtuoso&Belcanto Festival is founded upon three closely interconnected elements:

  • advanced courses with the guidance of prestigious international Maestros;
  • competitions reserved exclusively to students enrolled in the courses;
  • concerts performed by guest artists and selected students.

Admitted students to the advanced courses will have the possibility to study with some of the most important artists in the world. Each student will be able to have lessons with every professor of his or her own instrumental course.

The competitions are reserved exclusively for participants of the masterclasses. In the 2024 edition, there will be two competitions: Concerto Competition and Chamber Music Competition.

The Virtuoso&Belcanto Festival concert program is very intense. It includes numerous concerts with established artists and young musicians from all over the world, in the unique places of the lands of Tuscany, for a not-to-be-missed event for all music lovers.

The Headquarters of the Festival is Real Collegio, Piazza del Collegio 13, Lucca. Lessons are also held in other structures, always within the walls of the City of Lucca. Study spaces are distributed both inside and outside the city walls.