The educational program was created to give the opportunity to every student to work with all of the professors present.

Students must prepare and send a recording of the repertoire to be played in their upcoming lessons. Such recordings must be uploaded to a private YouTube or Vimeo channel and rendered accessible to Virtuoso & Belcanto no later than 24 hours before the lesson(s) is (are) to be held.

The following activities are planned over the course of two weeks:

  • 6 lessons of 60 minutes each for the instrumental program;
  • 6 lessons of 90 minutes each for the chamber music program.

Some of the lessons will be held in an open forum (open masterclass) with various professors with the possibility of interaction amongst the students participating.

Students admitted to both the instrumental and chamber music programs must follow all of the 12 prescribed lessons.

Furthermore, there will be seminars, conferences and meetings, organized and rendered avaialable all online.