All of the advanced courses of Virtuoso & Belcanto (pianoforte, violin, viola, cello and chamber music) will be held online via

Verify the following technical requirements to access the program online.


Student and teacher must use a computer (Windows, OsX or Linux), less than 6 years old, with an updated operating system, and with at least 4 GB of Ram.
The platform also works with smartphones or tablets, less than 4 years old, with Safari (for iPhone – iPad) or Chrome (for Android) browser, but with a lower audio quality.
An external USB microphone is strongly recommended.
The microphone audio level must be monitored and manually regulated, to avoid distortion.
Both Mac and Windows computers give the possibility to manually adjust the audio input level in the sound settings menu of the computer.


On PC, Mac and Android devices, only Chrome or Opera browsers are fully compatible. In iPad and iPhones, only Safari is compatible.


Have an internet connection with at least 10 Mbits in download and 1 Mbits in upload.

It is possible to submit applications for both the instrumental course as well as the chamber music course.

The Virtuoso&Belcanto Festival Competitions are reserved exclusively for advanced course participants.

Selection for concerts at the Berlin Philharmonie: all enrolled students in the Virtuoso & Belcanto instrumental advanced courses (pianoforte, violin, viola and cello) may participate in this important competition.

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The Chamber Music Competition is reserved for enrolled groups.

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Auditors may attend all of the planned lessons and public events. Similarly, enrolled students in the instrumental or chamber music program(s) may attend all other lessons as an auditor.


The starting date for the Virtuoso & Belcanto educational program is planned for Monday 13 July 2020, and the final day of lessons will be Sunday 26 July 2020.


The Virtuoso & Belcanto advanced course educational program is dedicated to:





chamber music


All Virtuoso & Belcanto educational programs have a limited number of availability. Once the maximum number of students has been reached, the commission will successively create a waiting list of ranked suitable candidates, to which will be observed for eventual openings in the courses.

All students on the waiting list have the possibility of enrollment as auditors.

Enrollment will be completed only after having effected payment of the relative tuition fees.

Payments must be made no later than 7 days from communication of admission.

Deadline calendar for payment: 21 March / 21 April / 21 May / 17 June, 30 June, 2020.

All payments must be made through PayPal (with an applied surcharge of 4% for management fees) or bank transfer.

It is possible to send an application for both the Instrumental Course and Chamber Music.

Application as an auditor is permitted.

Terms of payment

Students admitted to participate in Virtuoso & Belcanto must follow the following payment methods:

  • € 220 deposit as confirmation of acceptance no later than 7 days from communication of admission

(deadlines: 21 April / 21 May / 17 June, 30 June 2020);

  • Full payment of remaining outstanding balance no later than 10 July 2020.

Payments effected through PayPal include a surcharge of 4% on the amount(s) sent.

Terms of cancellation:

In case a student wishes to renounce his or her participation in the festival, it is possible to obtain a total reimbursement of the tuition fees by sending a written request to the Virtuoso & Belcanto Secretary no later than five (5) solar days after effecting payment of the same.

After such date, the Festival is not obliged to reimburse the student.

Extraordinary cases rendering a student’s participation in the festival impossible will be evaluated individually for reimbursement.

For further information, please contact the Secretary (

Students who were admitted to this year’s festival before social distancing measures were enacted, who wish to abstain from participation in the 2020 edition online must send a written request for reimbursement to the Secretary ( no later than seven (7) days from publication of the new regulations.

A Certificate of Participation will be issued to each student at the end of the course.

For further information or clarifications please contact the Festival Secretary directly: