Lucca /Worldwide, 19 luglio – 01 Agosto, 2021

Virtuoso & Belcanto, now in its sixth edition, has become the first international Festival that through its teaching methods indicates a precise choice of values in the music field. In the letter that Maestro Brendel sent to the students of the 2020 edition, which was later rendered the Festival’s Manifesto by the Artistic Director Riccardo Cecchetti, Brendel reminds that the performance of music is not solved by applying a few recipes.

The indications that Maestro Brendel gives – which can be read in full here – truly represent the teaching style and values that have always characterized Virtuoso & Belcanto.

Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival is founded upon three closely interconnected elements:

  • Advanced courses with the guidance of prestigious international Maestros;
  • Competitions reserved exclusively to students enrolled in the advanced courses;
  • Concerts performed by guest artists and selected students.

The 2021 edition sees a further integration between the digital and in-person spheres, thus expanding the range of possibilities and learning opportunities for participants, and fostering the Festival’s uniqueness on the international stage.

The Virtuoso & Belcanto advanced courses are veritable educational programmes: admitted students will have the possibility to study with some of the most important artists in the world. Each student will be able to have lessons with every professor of his or her own instrumental course.

The Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival competitions are reserved exclusively to participants of the master classes. In the 2021 edition there will be 2 competitions:

1. Selection for concerts in the Populäre Konzerte season 2022-23 at the Berlin Philharmonic, and other Italian and international concert institutions;

2. Chamber music competition.

The Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival concert programme is very intense and includes numerous concerts with established artists and young musicians from all over the world in the unique places of the Tuscan lands, for a not-to-be-missed event for all music lovers. Mindful of the success of the 2020 Connected Ediction, maestros from all over the world will perform and their concerts will be made available for streaming on the Vimeo channel.

Festival activities include two workshops:

Some of the string quartets and/or other ensembles, such as piano trios or string trios, will be able to take advantage of free housing for the entire duration of the Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival in some of Lucca’s villas and historical homes, thanks to the cooperation of the association Le Dimore del Quartetto. A selection will be carried out according to the deadlines indicated on the registration page, and will be decided jointly by the artistic directors of both Virtuoso & Belcanto and Le Dimore del Quartetto.

All educational activities related to instrumental and chamber music courses (lectures, seminars and conferences), whether they are held live or online, will be accessible through dedicated platforms.

The Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival concert programme will take place by alternating remote concerts and live concerts in the city of Lucca, in light of the developments of the global health situation, and will, in any case, always be accessible through online platforms.

Music lovers from all over the world will have the opportunity to follow the rich programme of public events of Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival also during the 2021 edition.