Virtuoso & Belcanto, the name given to the Festival an instrumental program, needs no translation, and is a clear massage of its focus. In fact, there’s never been a true virtuoso who has not possessed, as well, the gift of cantabile. And when we mention composers wh owere symbols of virtuosity such as Paganini, Liszt or Chopin, we can’t fail to mention cantabile or belcanto as well.

The Virtuoso&Belcanto Festival Competitions are reserved exclusively for students enrolled in the advanced courses.

  1. Selection for concerts at the Berlin Philharmonie – Populäre Konzerte 2021-22 Season;
  2. Chamber Music Competition.

The Chamber Music Competition, in addition to the Luigi Boccherini prize for best ensemble participating in the Competition, offers a special prize for the best string quartet, the Premio Adolfo Betti (offered by Animando-Centro di promozione musicale).

The string quartet who is awarded the Adolfo Betti Prize must perform a concert from long-distance, organized by Animando – Centro di Promozione Musicale. If the winning quartet cannot play such concert, the quartet relinquishes their prize.