Special Berlin Award Selection

The selection will be held entirely online with semifinal and final rounds via video submission.

The repertoire must include compositions indicated in the following links: pianoforte, violino, viola e violoncello.

The 2020 selection will nominate who will play in the 2021-22 Populäre Konzerte season of the Berlin Philharmonie. The winner will perform as a soloist, accompanied by the Sinfonie Orchester Berlin.

The Selection Jury Committee will be comprised by the Artistic Director of the Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival, by some Professors in the Virtuoso & Belcanto advanced courses, by at least one representative of the Konzertdirektion – Prof. Victor Hohenfels – organizer of the Populäre Konzerte season of the Berlin Philharmonie, and by other guests, including music critics and/or organizers and musical promoters.


Submission of a video with the indicated program for each instrument, no later than the beginning of the educational activities, Monday 13 July, 9:00am CEST.


Submission of a new video of a musical program with a free choice of repertoire – maximum duration 20 minutes (pieces already performed may be repeated) – recorded after official communication by the committee, no later than Wednesday 22 July 2020, 8:00pm CEST.

For video submissions, please indicate the YouTube/Vimeo link (or other similar services) and render the video “private” or send the video file via wetransfer or other similar large-dimension file sharing services to secretary@virtuosobelcanto.com. The video must be made in one uninterrupted take, with a clear view of the performer and his/her instrument.

The prestigious collaboration between Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival and Konzertdirektion Prof. Victor Hohenfels – organizing entity of the Populäre Konzerte season of the Berlin Philharmonie – began in the previous edition in 2019. The competition held in July 2019 will allow two of the winners of the Virtuoso & Belcanto competitions to perform in the Populäre Konzerte season of the Berlin Philharmonie, accompanied by the Sinfonie Orchester Berlin: Gabriele Strata, Pianoforte, will play Beethoven’s 1st Piano Concerto on 13 March 2021 under the baton of M° Stanley Dodds, while Anna Agafia Egholm, Violin, will play Introduzione e Rondò Capriccioso by C. Saint-Saëns at a later date in a future season.