The course was created to give the opportunity to each student to work with all the teachers present. The young musicians will take lessons on their instruments with all the teachers of that instrument, but will also work with teachers of other instruments in the chamber music sessions.

Upon registration, all students are automatically signed up for both the instrumental and chamber music categories. Those wishing to participate in only one or the other must specify it on the registration form. Furthermore, those wishing not to take part in more than one chamber music group must indicate this in the same manner.

Solo instrument + chamber music:

The students participating in both instrumental and chamber music categories will have a minimum of 3 lessons per week per subject (for solo instruments, this includes 2 private lessons and 1 masterclass).

Solo instrument only:

Students registered for only the solo instrument category will receive a minimum of 4 weekly lessons, including individual lessons and masterclasses.

Chamber music only:

Students participating in just the chamber music category (with only one chamber music ensemble) will receive a minimum of 4 lessons per week.

Pianists will receive at least one individual fortepiano lesson during the two weeks of the course.