16-28 of July – 2019


Students (2004 – 2000)

Limited number: up to 40 students may be admitted following the selection process.
The student must complete the application online through our website and needs to obtain 2 letters of recommendation.
You need to send up to 3 links of 5 minutes maximum, each.
CV must include details about musical studies and experience.


OThis is an opportunity to travel to Italy while participating in a special program in classical music with the best university-level teachers from around the world; where you have the opportunity to attend concerts, master classes and travel around the splendid region of Tuscany. In addition, you will share the experience with students and teachers from other countries and participate in a chamber music competition.


O Because these days, tourism is about offering an experience. Parents prefer to give their kids a life experience where learning and fun are combined, and they can interact with people from different countries.


OLucca: a city full of history surrounded by its majestic walls, one of the pearls of beautiful Tuscany. Its history and traditions are a perfect blend of art, music, stunning scenery and delicious food.

OVisiting Lucca during the Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival is the perfect opportunity to enjoy all these elements: our Festival celebrates the beauty and joy of music in one of the most fascinating and characteristic cities of Tuscany. Lucca is the birthplace of Puccini, Boccherini, Catalani and many other composers and musicians, and here Paganini began his career as a “virtuoso”. Beauty is in every corner of Lucca: wonderful churches and works of art, beautiful gardens and villas, beautiful scenery … and a very old culinary tradition with wines of the highest quality and one of the best olive oils from Italy.


July 16 – Travel to Italy with final destination, Lucca.
July 17 – Welcome day –  Visit Lucca
July 18 – Classes 9:00- 14:00 , Ensemble 16:00- 18:30
July 19 – Classes 9:00- 14:00 , Ensemble 16:00- 18:30
July 20 – Classes 9:00- 14:00 , Ensemble 16:00- 18:30
July 21 – Classes 9:00- 14:00 , Ensemble 16:00- 18:30
July 22 – Classes 9:00- 14:00 , Ensemble 16:00- 18:30
July 23 – Classes 9:00- 14:00 , Ensemble 16:00- 18:30
July 24 – Rehearsal, Concert
July 25 – Trip to Siena
July 26 – Trip to Pisa
July 27 – Trip to Florence
July 28 – free
July 29 – Return to Quito – Bogotá – Lima.


  Audition fee USD 25

The packet includes:

Participation in Virtuoso & Belcanto Latino Festival


Teaching materials

Admission to Virtuso & Belcanto Festival concerts

Presentation of the Ensemble/ Competition Virtuso & Belcanto Latino Festival

Round trip transportation from Roma Fiumicino airport to Lucca

Accommodation:14 nights in a house or apartment (double or triple room)

Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner

Bus Transportation

Tour of Lucca

Trip to Pisa (1 Day)

Trip to Florence (1 Day)

Trip to Siena (Half Day)

Assist Card Classic

USD 3000

Why Should You Go to the Virtuso & Belcanto Latino Festival?

Virtuoso & Belcanto Festival is one of the most important Classical Music Festivals in Italy

To attend classes and concerts with recognized teachers in the world of music. To participate in a chamber music competition at a high level.

Get to know one of the most beautiful regions of Italy and the world.

Music trips have become more and more popular in many school music programs as well as in specialized music schools.

Traveling can strengthen the pride of belonging to a growing musical community in the world.

These trips provide a learning environment coupled with a life experience, allowing musical and personal skills to flourish.

Traveling abroad, you represent your country, your school and your community.

Music, Italy and Vacation!

Hosts / Contacts

Francesco Diaz Splendiani and Olga Lucia Cabal are the hosts in charge of the Latin program. These two professionals in design and marketing are a married couple based in Italy, with a great deal of experience in managing travel groups for trade fairs and international events. Francesco and Olga are available to help you plan your participation and logistics at the Virtuoso & Belcanto Latino Festival around the programmed musical and tourist learning itinerary.
Tel Francesco + 39 3342362823 / WhatsApp Francesco + 593 999675309

Tel /WhatsApp Olga +39 3311419489

Email: [email protected]

Tourist Guide

Welcome! What other place in the world is as privileged as this one to have Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca … undulating hills with cypress trees, fields of sunflowers and rows of vineyards and olive trees. The colors, yellow, ocher, green and blue sea you will experience with an environmental tourist guide who lives in Tuscany and loves it deeply.

Alexandra Onorato

Tourist guide and environmental guide

Excursionist specialized in Tuscany

Virtuoso & Belcanto Latino Festival

[email protected]

Next Step

Download the application form and register (Do not forget to attach links, 2 letters of recommendation and CV with details of studies and musical experience).

Pay attention to the registration deadlines. Deadline: February 24, 2019.

Wait for the results of the selection process. If you are selected, you will receive a confirmation email

Then you must carefully follow the payment process and preparations for the organization of your trip.

Good Luck!


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30% until the 10/05/2019

40% until the 10/07/2019

Flight ticket not included


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