Viola Competition

Awards for the Viola competition – dedicated to Alessandro Rolla 

  • 1st prize: Piero Farulli special prize and a Viola bow offered by the Fondazione Lucchi
  • 2nd prize: € 1.500
  • 3rd prize: € 1.000

The participant is required to play a selection of pieces choosing from the ones listed below (the total duration of the performance must not exceed 20 minutes):

a) Mandatory work: A. Rolla Esercizio ed Arpeggio

b) one of the following:

F. A. Hoffmeister: Concerto in D major (Grahl Francoforte edition)

C. M. von Weber: Andante and Hungarian Rondo

M. Reger one of three suites for solo viola

D. Milhaud: Sonata n.1 op.240 (first or second movement)

R. Clarke: Viola Sonata (one movement of free choice)

P. Hindemith: Sonata op.11 n.5 – Sonata op.25 n.1

E. Bloch: Suite hébraique

B. Britten: Lachrymae Op. 48a